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Some one has kindly brought to my attention there may be a cryptocurrency using (in whole or in part) the name of my game, 'BattleBonk'. I am not involved with any such token, and I will view them as a scam. As the creator and developer of BattleBonk, I disavow any token which attempts to use the 'BattleBonk' name, or implies/claims it is derived from the existence of this game.

The only official BattleBonk social media accounts relating to this website are:
Discord: #james_3141 James

Welcome to BattleBonk!

BattleBonk Status: Semi-active
Current Build: v1.3.1.0 Beta
Release Date: 2022.07.07
Meme Generator Status: Inactive
Current Build: v1.0.1.0 Alpha
Release Date: 2022.08.16
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BattleBonk is a free-to-play single player web-based game with a DogeBonk/Crypto-asset theme.

The game requires you to progress through different stages, all the while overcoming many waves of mobs; each wave escalating in difficulty.

In addition to the campaign modes of varying difficulty, there is also a Horde mode in which the player must survive as long as possible against unlimited waves of mobs.

You will take on the role of Cheems, and swinging his powerful bat you'll bonk every enemy that dares cross your path!

DOBO Community, Best Community!

I don't think I would have pursued this project for so long without the encouragement and positivity I've received from the DogeBonk community, thanks to you all!

Best regards, James

Cheems gonna bonk