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What is BattleBonk?

BattleBonk is a HTML5/JavaScript 2D Canvas-based game inspired by the blockchain crypto asset DogeBonk (Binance Smart Chain token).

Does the game use blockchain technology?

No, it's an isolated web game with no blockchain interactivity. The in-game currency, although called $DOBO, is not the real DogeBonk crypto asset. You will not earn any crypto asset(s) by playing this game.

Are you a member of the official DogeBonk team?

No, I'm just some guy who owns some DOBO, and I'm making the game as a way to contribute to the community.

Who's developing BattleBonk?

It's only me in my spare time.

Will BattleBonk be released as an App for Android/iOS?

The development channel currently features a PWA (Progressive web app) compliant version of BattleBonk, along with a touch screen control implementation. Eventually this will be released into the stable channel, and it will serve as 'the BattleBonk app'. There are no plans for an iOS/Android store (.apk) release.

Will BattleBonk receive Multiplayer support?

No, I don't have the experience to implement this; it would be too difficult, and introduce too many security concerns.

Can you add an online Scoreboard?

Development of an online Scoreboard has begun. Currently, the release date for a beta version should be end of July 2022 at the latest, but likely much sooner.

I've got a great idea not mentioned here for BattleBonk!

Sweet, let me know via a Telegram DM or Tweet/DM me.

How is the game free to play? Do you accept donations?

It's a small project, and software development is a hobby of mine so what little money it costs, it is well spent. I'm not taking donations, but thanks for the thought! Share the game on social media if you can though :)

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